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About Straight A’s Are Not Enough

Unlike most books on study skills, this book is based on the belief that learning is more important than grades, it is based on years of research, and it encourages students to take charge of their own Cover of Straight A's Are Not Enougheducation.

Three important questions about how we learn, understand and remember  are asked and answered.
1. Why do so many students work hard, make good grades, but quickly forget what they learned?
2. How can students learn more, understand deeply, and remember longer?
3. How can students get a great education?

The goals of the book are:
1. to enable students to rediscover the excitement of learning.
2. to share information about the most effective learning strategies.
3. to challenge students to take charge of their own education.

How This Book is Different

Most popular books on study skills promise students strategies for making straight A’s. They assume that it’s all right to study hard, make top grades and, soon after exams, forget nearly everything. This isn’t what it means to get an education. This is a waste of the students’ time, efforts, and money.  Employers have discovered that students with straight A’s don’t always have the skills and education they are looking for.

Straight A’s Are Not Enough focuses on learning. Instead of memorizing what the professor said on the subject and what they expect to be tested on, students should focus on the aspects of each subject they are most excited about and what will be most important in order to reach their personal goals. Students must take charge of their education, decide what they want and need to learn, and plan how they will learn it.

Most popular books on study skills include little or no research. They have no bibliography and often have no index. They describe many of the same strategies I used in college many years ago, strategies now recognized and least effective.

Terry Doyle and Todd Zakrajsek, in their wonderful book, The New Science of Learning: How to Learn in Harmony with Your Brain (2015) say this (and I wish I’d been the one to say this):

“New insights into how the human brain learns make it clear that many of the learning practices … that students continue to use, are highly inefficient, ineffective, or just plain wrong.”

Straight A’s Are Not Enough is a book based on research, especially the most recent research. It includes endnotes, recommended reading, and an index for readers who find these helpful

Many people hear the term “Study Skills” and assume the book will be BORING. This book is actually so exciting that a number of readers finished the whole book in a weekend or less, saying they just couldn’t put the book down. It is filled with stories, interesting examples, metaphors, diagrams, and even a few comic strips.

People who read the book will want to share with their friends stories about the monkeys with puzzles, the children with marshmallow, why 5000 girls a year don’t get the credit they deserve for AP Calculus, the disaster I narrowly avoided, and many more. The first section of the book deals with the Eight Giant Steps to learning. Most readers will be surprised by the three most important steps, steps that would prevent most of the problems encountered by freshmen.

It sounds interesting? let me assure you that it is. And if that isn’t convincing. the book comes with a money-back guarantee. If you don’t find the book helpful, send me the book and the receipt showing what you paid and I will personally refund your money.


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