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Title: Straight A’s Are Not Enough:
Subtitle: Breakthroughs in Learning for College Students
Author: Judy Fishel  Publisher: Flying Heron Books:
516 SW River Point Drive, Stuart, FL 34994
Publisher’s Website:

Publication date:  April 28, 2015

LCCN: 2014918139
ISBN: 978-0-9906112-0-2
Category: Nonfiction: Education/Study Skills Format: Trade Paperback
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Size: 6×9 inches with perfect binding
Pages: 320 Illustrations: 54 including images, charts, graphs, tables, comic strips
Back Matter: Endnotes, Recommended Reading, Index

Price: $17.95
Cover and Book Design: by Jim Bisakowski,

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Distribution: Ingram,  Baker and Taylor

Publicity Contact: Publicity and sales are handled by New Shelves Distribution at  9 Manning Avenue, Troy, NY 12180.  Contact Amy Collins at 518-261-1300 or email  The Publicity budget is over 30,000 for the first year and, perhaps, 20,000 a year for each of the next several years.

Seasonal Information: The book will sell especially well as a high school graduation gift in May/June, for “Back to School Sales” in August/September and during college orientation time – mainly August/September/October depending on the school. There might be a slight pickup in sales at the end of the first semester (February) when students who have been struggling look for helpful information.


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Straight A’s Are Not Enough:  Breakthroughs in learning for college students                      

For questions, contact the author, Judy Fishel, at

 Publication Date – April 28, 2015                                                                                                             

A Radical New Research-based Approach to Learning

The Problem: Derek Bok, former president of Harvard wrote “Many students graduate college today… without being able to write well-enough to satisfy their employers…reason clearly, or perform competently in analyzing complex problems.”

Students often begin college with poor study skills and habits.  They don’t have time-management skills, they don’t know how to take notes or write an essay. They cram for tests, sometimes believing that if they start learning too early, they’ll forget it before the test. They don’t understand that cramming is the least effective strategy, that with cramming, they will soon forget nearly everything.

Some of these students make good grades, but they don’t get an education.  They memorize facts but don’t really understand.  Tested again weeks after the exam, many of these students remember very little.  Making this problem even worse, many popular books on study skills focus on getting straight A’s rather than on learning and getting a good education.

The Solution:

Straight A’s Are Not Enough takes a radically different approach. Based on the belief that learning is more important than grades, it suggests that students define for themselves what kind of education they want and need and create their own plan for getting that education.

Students who take charge of their own education are self-motivated. Instead of learning what a professor might consider important, these students focus on what they consider important. Instead of seeing their college years as something to get through, they are excited about having wonderful opportunities to learn. While getting a great education, they will still make top grades but they will also understand deeply, remember longer and they will learn the skills employers want most.

This well-researched book often uses stories that make research sound fascinating. There is the story of the monkeys who loved doing puzzles but, when given rewards, lost interest. Another story explains why 5000 girls every year don’t get the credit they deserve for AP Calculus.  A personal story from Judy’s teaching experience reveals why her students were convinced that when you fold paper, it gets heavier.  There are also vivid metaphors, simple images and even a few comic strips – all designed to help readers enjoy the book while learning how to get that great education.

About the Author

Judy Fishel is an award-winning science and math teacher who went from asking how to learn more in high school and college to asking how she could help her students learn more effectively. Her efforts led to twice winning the Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics. When she retired, she created two websites on study skills, one for high school and one for college students. As she discovered even more exciting research on how we learn, she knew she needed to write a book, a book that could help students get excited about learning and to help them get the kind of great education  they need.

The Audience

While intended for college students, many high school students will find it useful, and readers of any age who are interested in how we learn will also find it interesting. Adult learners will also find helpful.
The book would be a great gift for students graduating from high school or  getting ready to leave for college.

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