Marketing Plan

   The Marketing Plan for

Straight A’s Are Not Enough  by Judy Fishel

Publication Date: April 28, 2015

The Audience The main readers include high school seniors preparing for college, college freshmen and other students who are struggling to keep up. Parents, teachers, and others will also be interested. Many libraries stock books like this.

Ways to Reach the Audience  Books can be sold through college bookstores. They will make excellent gifts for graduation or when students leave to go to college. We continue asking for Reviews. We already have blurbs from Dr. Howard Gardner, Daniel Pink, and several others and expect to eventually get others.

Budget Our first year budget is $50,000. Part of this covered editing, book and cover design, printing, and services including publicity and sales, distribution and fulfillment and major trade fairs. At least $30,000 is budgeted for marketing and $20,000 a year will be spent in each of the next several years. None is planned for ads. It will be used for business cards, handouts, posters, banners, contest prizes, awards for student ambassadors, displaying the book and sometimes attending trade shows, and mailings to influential people.

Travel Judy and her husband live in Florida, spend summers in Franklin NC, and often visit their daughter’s family in Ithaca, NY. They plan book events in libraries, bookstores, and other locations in these areas, starting with at least 10 in the first 6 months. If these are effective, more will be planned, traveling a little further from each of these locations and including Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee.

Newspapers Local newspapers and other media will be contacted in both Florida and North Carolina.  The publicists are contacting major newspapers around the country.

Email Lists We have a 300 person list of people we worked with many years ago and at least another 200 current contacts. These will all be contacted with information about the book. Judy’s Facebook friends will also receive information about the book, especially at the main seasons for buying.

The Student Website will attract student attention with Weekly Study Tips, a mostly student-written blog, ASK JUDY, and monthly contests with prizes. Student will also find information about the book, answers to some of the questions asked in the book, The Table of Contents, and a sample chapter.

Promotion on College Campuses There will also be a Facebook Fan Page tied to this program. In both the website and Facebook page, there will be weekly study tips and we hope to attract students to write blogs. Another feature on the website is “Ask Judy” where students can email Judy with their general or personal questions.

The plan is to recruit 100 or more student ambassadors to promote the book. They will tell other students about the book and about the student website, . They will urge students to enter contests on the websites. Winning entries will be shown on the website and Facebook Page and will hopefully be re-shared often through social media, by many of the students, thus increasing awareness of the website and book.

A large number of campuses are using the First Year Experience program. Many of these are being contacted suggesting that this book might work well in their program.

Mailings Books have already been sent to over 20 college presidents to over 20 schools using the First Year Experience, and to over 10 members of the Florida School Counselor Association. Later, more books will be sent to influential people.

The March Mailing went to 120 sponsors of college scholarships, suggesting the book as a gift for scholarship winners.

The April Mailing, including small posters, will go to 300 colleges to recruit student ambassadors. Even students not interested in being a student ambassador will see the book cover, might check out the website, and some might decide the buy the book.

Libraries The book will be on display at the ALA Conference.  New Shelves Distribution will be contacting influential Librarians for reviews or blurbs.

Future Plans Once this book is launched, E-books will be developed and made available. Judy will continue to attend conferences and other events to promote this book.  Judy’s next project is writing and publishing a related book for students in middle and high school: “Think College.”

Judy plans to write some articles and send them to a variety of newspapers. She also hopes to do some Bookstore and Library presentations.

To contact Judy, you can always email her at . To contact her by phone, her number in winter months is 772-283-0739. In summer months she can usually be reached at 828-349-6007.