Blurbs for Straight A’s Are Not Enough

By Howard Gardner
Hobbs Professor of Cognition and Education
Harvard Graduate School of Education

“While this survey of best practices in learning is targeted to college students, its recommendations are useful for learners of all ages.”

By Daniel Pink

“In STRAIGHT A’s ARE NOT ENOUGH, Judy Fishel covers everything a young person needs to know in order to gain a first-class education. Her emphasis on authentic learning is a breath of fresh air, and will inspire young people to form life-long learning habits. This is a great book for the student in your life, whether they need to polish their study skills or are ready to tackle more advanced strategies for learning.”

By Mirtha Novalien Bailey
Assistant Program Development and Recruitment
Nova Southeastern University, Orlando FL

“I must say, as a higher education professional, I found this book to be very refreshing. The book challenges the reader to go beyond the culturally acceptable forms of educational attainment through extrinsic recognition i.e. grades, and instead to strive to learn for the sake of learning.”

By Esther Noel
Graduate Student
University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL

“Using succinct and engaging language, this book provides clear steps to becoming an intentional and life-long learner. I plan to implement many of Ms. Fishel’s principles of time management, willpower, and concentration. As a graduate student, future school counselor, and older sister to two teenage boys, I would highly recommend this book.”

By Gayle H. Swift
Co-founder GIFT Family Services:
Author of ABC, Adoption and Me

“One major focus of this book is to learn how to learn. The book overflows with strategies that dissect the learning process, identify inefficiencies,, and debunk long-standing assumptions about study skills. Well researched and exquisitely organized, Straight A’s Are Not Enough is the answer to a motivated student’s prayer: achieve improved results with less effort.”