About the Author

The Author of Straight A’s Are Not Enough is Judy Fishel

Judy Fishel is an award-winning teacher, now retired, but still passionate about learning, teaching, and sharing what she has learned about Study Skills.

photo of Judy Fishel
Judy Fishel

She twice won the Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics (at the elementary and secondary levels.)


AB in  Philosophy: University of Chicago
MA in School Guidance: Chicago State College
MA in Biology: Bridgewater State College: Bridgewater MA
MA in ESL and Cross Cultural Studies: Brown University: Providence, RI

She has attended many workshops including those in Brain-based Teaching and Learning, Critical Thinking, and Creative Ways of Teaching Math.


Teaching Preschool, Elementary, and mainly Middle School and High School in
Columbus, Ohio, Chicago, IL, Manila, Philippines, Majuro, Marshall Islands, Sacramento CA, Brockton, MA, Plymouth-Carver MA, Warren, RI, and Bristol RI.

As Assistant Principal at the International School in Manila, she was responsible for teacher evaluation, evaluation and recommendations for programs, and teacher training.

She has presented workshops in National, State, and Regional Conferences including Science, Math, Middle School, Critical Thinking, and most recently at the Florida School Counselor Association.


She and her husband Bob are the parents of two children and four delightful grandchildren. Both enjoy bird-watching, traveling, and gardening in addition to spending time with their children and grandchildren. When not traveling, they live in Florida in the winters and in North Carolina in the summers.